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Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to your Instagram presence? Confused about what to post and when? 

Lacking an aesthetic look + feel that aligns with your biz?


Girl, I've got you covered.

I help female-driven brands GLOW UP on Instagram through brand strategy + design, 1:1 consulting, full service social media management, and my signature Instagram Makeover package.


My service philosophy focuses on collaboration and what I like to call a "white glove approach." It's personalized and hands-on; I craft and curate content that is 100% unique to your brand's story (which I'll help you nail down, too). Your plan will revolve - and evolve - around this story: who you are, and who you are serving.

I plan like a pro so that all of your content will be wrapped up with a nice little bow *at least* two weeks before it goes live. Imagine that, right?

I view our relationship as a partnership and understand the incredible investment that clients make when choosing to work with me. I promise, I'll be your coach, your #1 fan, and your biz bestie!

My services are available in packages as well as a variety of a la carte options, and I'm more than happy to customize a plan that's perfect for you.

small batch; adjective

Designating or relating to a type of small-scale production in which goods are made in limited quantities, often by means of traditional or artisanal methods.

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