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about us - the socialites

Hi friends, Kelsey here - Founder + Chief Strategy Director at Small Batch Social Co.​ Officially "born" in 2020, we are a social media marketing + strategy boutique based in Detroit. 

Introducing bespoke social media management. Our approach to social media is incredibly deliberate and never copy-paste. We research. We trendcast. We invest in our team, our tools, and our continued education, as well as our systems and processes for our clients. We're early adopters of all the new and shiny things on IG (trust us - there's a lot!). And most importantly, we're freakin' passionate as hell about what we do and who we work with. 

We've spent nearly 15 years honing our signature, multi-layered approach to social media marketing that establishes YOU as the utmost authority in your niche.

DIY will soon be obsolete, but your IG presence doesn't have to be.


Learn more about our SERVICES here.


the it factor

We have a true and undeniable passion for the brands + niches that we work with. This is a non-negotiable for us (and we hope it is for you, too!).

We call this THE IT FACTOR.


Our IT FACTOR clients tend to be kick ass female-driven businesses in areas including (but not limited to): boutique fitness, real estate, health/beauty, influencer/lifestyle, wellness, home organization, coaches... and beyond. We are local to Detroit and provide hands-on, high-touch support to our client community.


She's got the accolades. She's got the experience. She's got the grit.


Kelsey possesses 15 years of professional experience in PR, Marketing, Events, and Social (before Instagram was even a thing - yup!). She's worked with brands including Groupon, Top Chef Marcus Samuelsson, Eataly, Mountain Dew, and dozens more across the luxury lifestyle, hospitality, + travel industries. One of her proudest biz moments is winning a PRWeek Award for Social Media Campaign of the Year.

When she's not on Instagram, you can find her being a mama to her two littles + a crazy puppy (and probably listening to a true crime pod ... and definitely drinking an oat milk chai.).



She grew up on TikTok so you didn't have to...


Meet Liv, our SUPER star Junior Content Creator!

This Gen-Zer excels at all things content creation, graphic design, *VIDEO*, trends, and so much more!

You're going to want this girl on your team, trust us. She's also a former SBSCo. intern. We love to keep it in the fam.


*the summer 2023 intern has entered the chat*

Welcome Bri, Summer of '23 (it rhymes!)

Bri is entering her senior year at GVSU this fall, and is ready for a hot socialite summer with us!

She's a marketing major that has also worked as a stylist + content creator for a dress boutique, as well as a Prestige Beauty Advisor at Ulta.

Give her all the glam + trends, she's got you boo.

Socialite 1 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

"Friends don't let friends DIY their most powerful sales + marketing platform"



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